The mandate of the University does not only revolve on instruction but also includes services through research and extension. As it provides quality education to students, it also innovates and discovers new knowledge addressing the needs of the changing times and the demands of the society. Such knowledge also needs to be enhanced and packaged to be shared to the community and other clientele. These three functions all work together for the improvement of lives of people as CvSU develops into a more globally competitive institution.

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension believes that to achieve the goals of the University, some modifications in its current operation must be made, all to function more efficiently as the institution鈥檚 arm in research and extension. With this, a program entitled REFORM: Research and Extension Framework, Organizational Structure, Roadmap and Agenda was created. It was approved for implementation by virtue of Board Resolution No. 58 s. 2017 signed on September 15, 2017.


This framework sums up the harmonized operation of OVPRE. The objectives and procedures essential to the accomplishment of the goals should be in line with the mission and vision of the University in coordination with all the stakeholders.

CvSU R&E Framework shows the research and extension operation of the University at a glance.

The primary goal of OVPRE is to conduct relevant research and extension activities as it strengthens partnership or collaboration/linkages. Innovation and learning also require financial support, hence, the office also generates resources considering efficient asset utilization and improving obligation rate. In its commitment to innovate processes, systems and mechanisms, it continuously provides relevant opportunities in increasing engagement and satisfaction of clients and empowering stakeholders. The impact of all these functions are aimed at improving the quality of lives of the community members.


Goals are visions. Manpower makes these visions possible.

With this, modifications in the organizational structure of the office were made. This structure is an essential component to achieve the harmonized operation of the office ensuring that all units/divisions have no overlapping functions and are working efficiently as the office envisions to improve its services.

CvSU R&E Organizational Structure presents the various units under OVPRE.

The Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Continuing Education and Training Services was renamed as Office of the Vice President for Research and Extension.聽 OVPRE is in direct coordination with STAARRDEC, the University Research and Extension Council, NCRDEC and SPRINT. The Office of the Vice President is manned by the Monitoring and Evaluation Focal Point, the Management Information Systems Officer, the Communication Specialist and the Administrative Aides. On the other hand, OVPRE is divided into three major units:聽 Research Center, Extension Services and Knowledge Management Center (the newly created unit).


The products envisioned by OVPRE to manifest in the next five years is summed up in a roadmap which sets direction of its operation. The purpose of this roadmap is to set the direction of OVPRE as it commits to fulfilling its purpose and its commitment to CvSU and the community as well.

CvSU R&E Roadmap shows the University鈥檚 R&E direction from 2017 to 2022.

This roadmap shall be discussed to the research and extension community of colleges and satellite campuses to promote a harmonized operation as it gears to being a research university in the future. It is a product of series of consultation with experts from different fields of discipline who are knowledgeable with the various research and extension programs of the University.


Policies are essential to serve as guiding principles of an organization in the fulfillment of its goals. OVPRE, being the University鈥檚 arm in research and extension, sets the thematic areas or the priority areas on which R & E will be focused.

CvSU R&E Agenda presents the thematic areas to which University R&E efforts are anchored.

The formulation of the Research and Extension agenda considered the priorities of the University in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Department of Science and Technology Harmonized National R&D Agenda, Commission on Higher Education National Higher Education Research Agenda and the National Economic Development Authority Development Plan.