The OVPPD assists the University President in the planning and development programs of the University.It spearheads the implementation of the University鈥檚 quality management system and other quality assurance programs. It supervises the Planning Office, Institutional Development Office (formerly Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center) and the University Management Information System (MIS) Unit.

Planning Office

The Planning Office (PO) supervises the following units:

  • Institutional Planning Unit
  • Physical Planning Unit
  • Project Management Unit

The PO spearheads the preparation of the various plans of the University (development, strategic, operational, physical, and investment plans); monitors and evaluates the development plans and projects of the University; conducts the initial performance assessment of the various offices of the University based on the submitted Office Performance Commitment and Review Form; and conducts university performance planning and review conference annually.

Institutional Development Office

The Institutional Development Office (IDO) supervises the following units:

  • Quality Assurance Unit
  • Policy Development Unit

The IDO recommends, implements and evaluates policies, plans and programs that are related to institutional development and plans; monitors and evaluates the internal assessment system of the University; and monitors the implementation of the University鈥檚 quality assurance programs.

Strategic Plan听

Operational Plan

OVPPD Annual Report

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