1964 鈥 RA 3917 coverted DSNAS to Don Severino Agricultural College (DSAC)

鈥 Offered BS Agriculture and BS Agricultural Education

1971 鈥 Offered Certificate in Technical Agriculture

1980 鈥 Implemented the Agricultural Education Outreach Project (AEOP)

1983 鈥 Started the Sanayan sa Kakayahang Agrikultura (SAKA) Project

1986 鈥 DSAC was designated as the National Training and Demonstration Center for Fruit and Vegetable-Based Products (NTDC-FVBP)

1993 鈥 DSAC was designated as the Regional College of Agriculture (RCA) for Southern Tagalog

1998 鈥 College of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Natural Resources (CAFENR) as the name of the college was born

2000 鈥 2009聽 鈥 CvSU was designated Center of Development for Agriculture by CHED

2001 鈥 Department of Forestry and Environment Science was created

2003 鈥 BSA program passed seocnd resurvey of AACCUP towards Level III

2009 鈥 CvSU designated by CHED as Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) Center in Agriculture

2009 鈥 CvSU identified as Provincial Institute for Agriculture under National Agriculture for Fisheries and Education System

2016 鈥 Champion, 6th National Agricultural Science Quiz Contest sponsored by UPLB Phytopathological Society

2016 鈥 CvSU was designated CHED 鈥 Center of Excellence in Agriculture

2016 鈥 BS Agriculture program was re-accredited Level IV by AACCUP

2018 鈥 CvSU was recognized as Member of Good Standing by the Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities (AAACU), Inc.

2018 鈥 Grand Champion, 7th National Agricultural Quiz Contest organized by UPLB Phytopathological Society

2018 鈥 CvSU was recognized as Delivering Institution of Graduate Programs in for CHED K-12 Scholars

2019 鈥 BS Environmental Science program as accredited Level IV by AACCUP, Inc.