Dr. Lilibeth P. Novicio

Dean, College of Agriculture, Food, Environment and Natural Resources
Designation of CAFENR Officials (January 2024 to December 2024)
Key Officials 2023
Chair, Department of Animal Science (DAS)Mariedel L. Autriz
Chair, Department of Agricultural Entrepreneurship (DAE)Guillermo P. Desenganio
Chair, Department of Crop Science (DCS)Abigail P. Daria
Chair, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science (DFES)Ailene H. Calamlam
Chair, Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST)Heidi P. Paler
College Secretary and Guidance FacilitatorMonina Dyan R. Elumba
College RegistrarMarie Abigail I. Cortado
Program Head, Bachelor of Science in AgricultureCristina F. Olo
Program Head, Bachelor of Science in Environmental ScienceNoel A. Sedigo
Program Head, Bachelor of Science in Food TechnologyHeidi P. Paler
Program Head, Bachelor in Agricultural EntrepreneurshipGuillermo P. Desenganio
Research and Knowledge Management
Climate Change
Instructional Material Development Unit
Glenn Bryan A. Creencia
Coordinator, Job Placement and Alumni
Alternate, Research and Knowledge Management
Gary A. Pareja
Coordinator, ExtensionMa. Cecille B. Anuada
Alternate, ExtensionPatrick M. Montealto
Coordinator, Gender and Development ProgramRemilyn V. Concepcion
Alternate, Gender and Development ProgramJan Edrea D. Cortes
Coordinator, Quality Assurance and AccreditationCristina F. Olo
Sports and Socio-cultural Activities
National Certificate Training and Assessment
EDP in Agriculture Entrepreneurship
Jefferson M. Mojica
Coordinator, OJT/Farm Practice in AgricultureEdgardo A. Gonzales
Coordinator, OJT in Food TechnologyEufemio G. Barcelon

Aitee Janelle E. Reterta
College InspectorJhon Vincent C. Caisip
Budget Officer, Liaison Officer, and CanvasserMeynard C. Ramos
Property Custodian
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
5S Coordinator
Elma E. Gappe
College International OfficerVenus O. Saz
Clerk, College Registrar's OfficeMarianne Joy C. Matel
Coordinator, Pollution ControlMelody M. Ramos
Extension Coordinators
DASPatrick M. Montealto
DAEGuillermo P. Desenganio
DCSVenus O. Saz
DFESJunser P. Magpantay
IFSTRemilyn V. Concepcion
Research and Knowledge Management Coordinators
DASGary A. Pareja
DAEGuillermo P. Desenganio
DCSJhon Vincent C. Caisip
DFESGlenn Bryan A. Creencia
IFSTMarie Abigail I. Cortado
Laboratory In-charge
Soils LaboratoryVenus O. Saz
Crop Science LaboratoryAbigail P. Daria
Animal Nutrition LaboratoryMa. Cecille B. Anuada
Animal/Meat Processing LaboratoryMariedel L. Autriz
Food Product Development/Processing LaboratoryDezzerie Gyle A. Hermoso
Physio-Chemical LaboratoryMarie Abigail I. Cortado
Food Microbiology LaboratoryRemilyn V. Concepcion
Food Sensory LaboratoryJan Edrea D. Cortes
EnGIRS LaboratoryJunser P. Magpantay
In-charge, Instructional Enterprise and Technology Demonstration Sites
PoultryPatrick M. Montealto
GoatCristina F. Olo
Swine ProductionMariedel L. Autriz
Artificial Insemination and Animal BiosecurityCamilo E. Polinga, Jr.
Pasture and Forage CropsGary A. Pareja
Crop Production Instructional Enterprise and Agri-technopreneurship Demonstration SiteVenus O. Saz, Project Head

Components Heads:

Venus O. Saz (Research)
Guillermo P. Desenganio (Instruction)
Edgardo A. Gonzales (Production)

Production Staff:
- Jowel R. Salamatin
- Raymond A. Agtarap
Tool Keeper and Ornamental PropagatorSusana P. Viado
Culinary Herbs, Aromatics and Medicinal PlantsAbigail P. Daria
- Alex G. Barrot
Plantation Crop Demonstration Area (New Acquired Land, Faculty Village and ICoN)Venus O. Saz
- Frederico Abestado
- Mark Aljon R. Tanteo
Ornamentals and LandscapingJohn Vincent C. Caisip
- Resty M. Lucero
Fruit Crop NurseryJefferson M. Mojica
- Danilo Perando
DAS Building Custodian and Animal Farm TechnicianRenan E. Catarroja
Crop-Science Building Key KeeperAlex G. Barrot
Agri-Science Building Key KeeperResty M. Lucero

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